And a little about the blog.

Hello again,

In my post yesterday I told you all about myself, the things I like and what I do.  In my post today I’m going to tell you all about this blog, the things it covers and what it does.

What I hope you got from my post yesterday is that I’m a very simple gal.  I was put on this earth to do just a few things: to love and care for my friends and family first, and besides that just to study hard, to make beautiful projects and to look pretty.  See, it’s not complicated.

It’s what is all about.

I need a place where I can feel comfortable doing the things I feel I was created to do.

Like with knitting.  Yeah, I might have started knitting because I needed something to do with my hands for 8 hours on a Saturday so I didn’t go absolutely bonkers, but that’s not why I knit now.  Now, I couldn’t imagine not knitting, not being able to reach for my needles while I’m watching TV or reading textbooks.  What I’m saying is knitting has become, over the last 11 years, a part of my identity.

It’s the same way with sewing, with papercrafts, with Lolita, with vintage fashion, with conventions, with makeup.  I don’t think that I exist without all of those things thrown in.

The blog gives me a place where I can organize my thoughts, give reviews of products I try, make a record of projects I start, and maybe even finish and a place to share what I know, what I think and what I learn.

The plan is to post everyday, except Wednesday.  Today doesn’t count.  There’ll be something, a craft, a recipe, a story, a review, a printable, a link, a suggestion, a wall of text I think is important, something.  If there is anything you would like to see,let me know.

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored, I do not have any affiliate links, I buy and pay for everything that I use, unless it was a gift and even then I’ll disclose that.  If I ever have anything that I didn’t pay for or that was given to me from a company to use I’ll let you know.  Except for my own businesses, there aren’t any companies giving me free stuff though.

Welp, I think I’m all talked out now so that’s all for today.  Thanks for playing and I’ll see you tomorrow.