Back to School

I cannot believe we are here!  August is over, vacation is over, and school is starting again.  Well, school has started for me, and I am on into my second year of law school.  How crazy is that?

I feel the need to warn you, I love back to school.  The start of a new academic year, new wardrobe, new school supplies!

If my planner should have told you anything it’s that I am a sucker for stationary.

Pens, paper, washi tape, notebooks, pencil cases, binders, all that is right up my alley, especially if it’s pretty, or pink, or glittery, or gold. Yes, and please.

This school year is no different.  I have my new school year goals, I have my adorable school supplies, and I have a new study system that I hope will do me well.

So, first things first, my goals.  I made five new school year S.M.A.R.T. goals that I hope to accomplish this year.

  1. Get straight As for the semester.
  2. Stay caught up with all my readings.
  3. Create a study system and get better study habits.
  4. Take care of myself by eating right, sleeping enough, and drinking lots of water.
  5. Work out five days a week.


Now let’s talk about something fun stuff, SCHOOL SUPPLIES!  Oh my goodness, I love stationary.  The best part of new school years are the school supplies.

I ordered most of my supplies from Staples.  The prices were amazing.  Literally, I had Wal-Mart, Office Depot, and Staples open and put the same things in my cart simultaneously and then ordered from the place with the lowest prices.  I’m not being sponsored by Staples or anything, I just got a really good deal on all my school supplies from Staples and I couldn’t keep it to myself.
All my new writing implementsAll my new paper products

I had a lot of fun decorating my binders.

My covered binders

I made the letters and icons on the covers with my Silhouette.  I used the Princess and the Frog font that I downloaded forever ago, because it is my favorite.  I had to fix a few of the letters, like the “T” in “Statutory” and the “R” in “Procedure” because they rubbed off.  To fix that, I covered the letters and icons with Modge Podge as a sealant.  I let it set overnight and applied a couple of coats to make sure my binders are safe.

I have yet to go school shopping.  I need a free weekend with nothing to do, so I can wander effectively.  And I still have to put all of my old clothes in the cleaners but we’ll jump that hurdle when we come to it.

Are any of y’all in school? Or sending kids back to school? Or just a stationary addict obsessed with back to school season?  Let me know.