Happy Birthday, Yin

First things first, Yin is my best friend and better half @rebellaurel on Instangram.  She’s probably private right now, because she’s always going back and forth from private to public depending on giveaways, but trust me she’s adorable.

We call each other Yin & Yang because we’re complete opposites, but we’re perfect for each others, hence the best friend/soul mate thing.  It’s totally true.

Anyway, I’ve been a quarter century old since February, and I’ve been waiting for her to catch up.

She finally has!

Her birthday was in early August, the weekend before I went on my St. Thomas trip actually.  If you haven’t read about that, check out yesterday’s post.

Needless too say, I was crazy excited.  If you saw my August Planner post, then you know, I dedicated a whole week’s layout to the 25th anniversary of this girl’s birth.

August Week 1

The Birthday Spread, in case you missed it.

Enough of that, let’s get on to the birthday festivities.

We started out best friend birthday at our favorite tea shop in Louisiana, English Tea Room in Covington.

English Tea Room sign

If you check my Instagram, @himeblackonyx, you’ll see we go there all the time.

We went pretty early, like noon, and got breakfast at the tea room, because we had plans all day.

Breakfast of quiche and scones with fruit at English

After tea, we went to Michael’s.  As her birthday present, I bought my Yin the Happy Planner punch, because I have made a crazy planner girl out of her.  What? I wasn’t going to be the only planner addict in our house.  Besides, It’s only fair since she got me all obsessed with scented wax.

We just hung around Michael’s long enough to kill time before the movie.  We saw Star Trek Beyond at the Covington Movie Tavern.

Ok, Movie Tavern is everything.  It’s a movie theater, with a full-service restaurant.  You sit in your seat, and they bring you a meal, or drinks, or appetizers.  If you have one in your city, go!

Then, to round out our day, some of the girls my Yin works with invited us over for game night.

They baked her a birthday pumpkin pie, because she doesn’t do cake.  Weird, but she’s mine, what can I do.

The birthday pie

And that was my girl’s birthday.  I just loved spending time with her, and watching her become a big girl!

My Yin at the tea house

The Birthday Spread, in case you missed it.