September Bullet Journal Set Up

By this point, y’all know about my planner obsession.

It’s not for everyone but it’s a lifestyle.

And you also know I can’t keep it to one planner.  Last month I introduced my bullet journal and it is back for another month.  I’m in it for now instead of my Recollections Organize It! binder because I haven’t had the time to make, print or cut September planner stickers or inserts.

So, without further ado, on to the September set up.

September Month at a Glance

I set up the Month-at-a-Glance the same way I did in August.

I put a monthly memories page on the left side of the spread, for any thing that I want to commemorate from the month.

Then, on the right, I have a running calendar of the month with my color coded events: red for bills, orange for school, yellow for personal, green for holidays, and blue for birthdays.  And, I added a new category this month, events, and they are purple.

At the bottom of that page I have my goals for the month and the mini calendar for October.  Coincidentally, I realized after I took the pictures for the post that my October calendar was wrong, I used September’s dates.  I ended up covering it with sticker paper and re-drawing it correctly.  Story of my life.

Blog and Shop Spreads

The only monthly collections I have this month are my blog and shops collections.

Last month I also did Instagram challenges and habits but I found that I don’t actually do the Instagram challenges.  I like the idea of doing Instagram challenges but I’m just not organized enough yet to actually complete one so I’m not including it this month, and I’ll try again next month.  And, as far as habits, I tend to track them on a daily basis.  That means I don’t look at the monthly habit tracker that often, at least I’m going to try , in upcoming weeks, to find a better way to track my habits though.

But, the blog and shops collections are back for another month.  I’m not yet organized enough to keep up with the blog plan, but I like having it there for reference.  The shop collection is more of a list of to dos now, and specific projects for my Lolita and stationary shops.

September Weekly Spread

And finally is the week and day.

I’m not gonna lie, this is my least favorite weekly page in, well this is my least favorite weekly page ever.  I hate it.  The only thing I like is the quote “You don’t want no problems, want no problems with me!”  It’s the hook of the new Chance the Rapper song, “No Problems” and I’m quite fond of that song.  However, from the color to the lettering to the decorations on the page, all of it is all bad.  I am definitely going to try something different next week because I don’t even like looking at this week’s page.

The daily pages are much nicer.  I still set up the days the same way, day and date flag, and hourly schedule, but now I’m leaving the bottom space open to free form the meals and to do lists more.

I think it may be a mistake to set up my weeks one at a time, instead of all at one, because it leave too much potential for me to never plan the week.  in October, I’m going to set up all my weeks at once, so I don’t have that problem.

And, that’s all for now.  I know it’s not much but I waited until the last minute to set up my bullet journal so it had to be pretty bare this month.  Don’t worry I’ll do better, next month.



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