October Bullet Journal Set Up

Oh, well, hello again planner friends.  I’m back again with another planner post, bullet journal style.

I promise I still have another planner, it’s just way, way under utilized at this point.  But, we fight on.

Anyway, as you can see, I have set up my bullet journal for the month of October so let’s get right in.


As always, I have my monthly memories and month-at-a-glance facing each other.

This month I decorated my memories page, mandala style, in fall colors. I just wanted to try something new.  And I left myself four spaces to write anything big that happens this month. It was good drawing practice for banners, which is a plus.

The month-at-a-glance is normal, and pretty bare, but I don’t have many upcoming activities this month.  I did the same color code this month as I did in September. And I didn’t mess up the next month calendar this time.

Then, there are the blog and shop pages.


On the blog page I have a pared down editorial calendar, tasks, goals and video schedule

On the shops’ page, I have space for both shops, Lolita and planner accessories.  They’re complete with tasks, goals and a space for other stuff, notes, whatever.


And, this month I brought back the Instagram Challenges page.



I’m only doing one challenge this month, the Paper Heart of Gold October Planner Challenge.



And, finally, all the daily pages.

I got smart this month, and set up all of my daily pages all at the same time.  So, go me!

October Week 1 Bullet JournalOctober Week 2 Bullet Journal


The weekly page still has a weekly to do list, goals, gratitude,important and habits.



For the dailies, I’m trying this new thing where I put all of the days in a frame.  The first two weeks I put meals on the far side of the days’ box but the rest of the month I have a separate place for meals on the page opposite the weekly.


Now that that’s over, I’m off to plan some more.

How did you set up your planners this month? Any other bullet journalers?

Let me know!