Take Me Back to AWA

So hey.  I’m three days removed from AWA and have fully conquered my con-crud so I am finally ready to recap the weekend.


First of all, I spent my weekend with Mr. Boyfriend at AWA.  AWA, for the uninitiated, is Anime Weekend Atlanta, a four-day gaming, anime, comic book nerd-splosion.  It’s my favorite, and the only, anime convention in Atlanta that I’ve ever been to.  I’ve been going to AWA since 2012 and this is the first time going with Mr. and my first time cosplaying. Yay me!

We went Friday through Sunday.

He dressed as his LARP character, Bra-Lor, Friday and Arkham Origins Joker Saturday. I wore Lolita Friday and was Arkham Knight Harley Quinn Saturday.  And I made all of our outfits!  Sunday we wore street clothes to just wander and enjoy.

So, let me start by spamming you with pictures from the weekend.





Now for outfits shots of me.

Here is Friday.

And then Saturday.


I’ll have to remember to take make up pictures of my next cosplay.  And I’ll have to take way more outfit pictures too.  I was so busy running around, I completely forgot this weekend.

Mr. Boyfriend posted this picture of us on Instagram!  Aren’t we adorable?


I met this really amazing artist at the convention, Marcus Williams.  He is so nice, and creative, and inspiring.  I seriously ADORE him!

He has a web-comic Tuskegee Heirs that is absolutely amazing.  You should check it out if you get a chance.

And I bought a print of his, from his Black Panther and Storm Heritage fan fiction collection.  It’s getting framed and put up in my bedroom.


I tore down the dealer’s room and bought a lot of other really good stuff too.


I bought a purse and wallet from a Japanese vendor because my wallet is literally denigrating before my very eyes and I don’t have a Lolita purse.

I also bought a full-sized Batman the Animated Series Harley Quinn poster.

I bought a new tea set and a folding fan.

And, from two different shops, I got the sugar cookie ring that’s sitting on the wallet and a carousel bracelet that the designer turned into a choker for me.

Hooray for new things!  Double hooray for new Lolita things!

So much fun, I’m so sad con-season is over.  Now that I’m back at school I just wish I could go back to the convention.  Until next time I guess.