Photo Shoot Behind the Scenes

So, in case I haven’t mentioned it before, I have a Lolita Fashion indie brand called PRINCESS DEE-LICIOUS.

I can’t remember if I’ve talked about Princess Dee-Licious around here before and I thought I should give some context for today’s post, just in case I hadn’t.

Anyway, Princess Dee-Licious is my brand.  I started it back in 2014.  I have original designs and I do custom piece made to order.  Basically, I am the head (only) designer and seamstress … and apparently model.

That’s right!  I know I keep saying I’m not a fashionista (and I’m really not) but somehow I am ending up in these situations where I have to act like one.  This time, I’m modeling the upcoming releases for the brand.

My favorite (and only) photographer in Baton Rouge Wil Norwood of Photo Anomaly took all the pictures.  He’s a doll and he’s super familiar with the J-Fashion, kawaii, Lolita, gyaru, anime, manga, convention, and nerd scenes, besides being a legitimately good photographer!

Royal Rose Harlequin photo shoot

We shot at Lake Kernan, all out in nature.  Or as “out in nature” as you can be on a college campus.


The print we shot today was the re-release of my first design, Royal Rose Harlequin.


I updated the designs and changed some things that I think make the coordinates much better than the originals so I’m very excited about it.


All these pictures are the un-retouched, originals but Wil is going to use his photographer magic to make them all nice and pretty.  I can’t wait.



I have another session with Will scheduled for Friday, to finish Royal Rose Harlequin and to shoot my first new design release, Elegant Jeweled Drape.



Just so you know, I will be releasing three design collections before December: Royal Rose Harlequin (redesign), Elegant Jeweled Drape & Nutcracker Prince’s Army.

The shop is over on Storenvy, and you can check it out, and follow it, right now so you will be notified when the different collections are available for order.

img_0735  img_0650

Ok, I’m going to go to bed now, or maybe stay up and play with my planner, who really knows.