NaNoWriMo 2016

Did you know that November is National Novel Writing Month?  Yeah, that’s an actual thing.  And there is an organization NaNoWriMo that hosts an annual novel writing program for aspiring authors.

This year I’m in it!

The goal is to write 50,000 words in 30 days.  That requires that you write 1666 words a day, every day, for the month of November.

It’s the 11th of November, and I have written 1000 words, I think.  You’ll have to check out my participant’s profile to see where I am exactly.

If you are participating in NaNoWriMo you should add me as a writing buddy or join the NaNoWriMo 2016 Twitter list that I’m a part of.

I’m a little worried about my novel at this point.  It’s called A Little Goes a Long Way, by the way.  But that’s all I know.  I don’t have any characters, not jut no names for characters, I don’t have any characters, no people, at all.  I also don’t know where or when my novel is set or what the plot is going to be.  Hopefully I figure something out before too long because time’s-a-wasting.

I’m not too worried about if, obviously, because this is a personal challenge and if I don’t finish there is no penalty.  But I do want to write the novel in a month so wish me luck.

For now, Mr. Boyfriend is still in town for another night so I’m going to snuggle and see if words come to me, if not I’m still snuggling so I won’t complain.


November Monthly Spread

November Monthly Planner Spread

I’m a few days late, I meant to post this on the first of November, but you know what they say, better late than never.

Here you have it, my November Monthly Spread!

November Monthly Spread

I got my color scheme for this month from Pinterest, because Pinterest is everything!

The theme for the month is Cherry Wine, which is a Nas song that I love, but also very appropriate for fall.

November Monthly Layout Left Page

November Monthly Left Page TopNovember Monthly Left Page Bottom

There are a few important days this month, like Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving, and Mr Boyfriend has his birthday on the 9th.

And there are some fun events that I don’t want to forget like NaNoWriMo, a photo shoot for Princess Dee-Licious, Zombie Apocalypse Live for Mr. Boyfriend’s birthday, the Louisiana Renaissance Festival and taking Yin to the airport and picking her up again.

And, of course bills, rent, cable, internet, electricity and my credit cards.

November Monthly Right PageNovember Monthly Right Page TopNovember Monthly Right Page Bottom

This month also marks 30 days until Creative Blerd, my stationary shop, opens.  If you haven’t yet, head over to the Creative Blerd page here on the blog and like the Facebook page for shop update.  Or, you can head over to the shop site on Storenvy and envy it so you’ll get all the updates directly.

November Monthly Sidebar

For the sake of practicality I have a monthly sidebar.  There are Important, To Do, Shop and Blog on the sidebar because those are the areas that I worry about most.  I don;t know how to use it yet, goals, tasks, whatever.  I don’t know yet.  I’l think about and maybe in December I’ll have something together.  We shall see.

And that’s that for now.  I’m  adding to this spread as the month goes and things come up so it will probably fill up, especially the left page which is almost totally blank.

For now though, Mr. Boyfriend is in town for his birthday and I’m going to make him cuddle me and watch Netflix.

I do have a Plan with Me video for this spread on my YouTube Channel, Lifestyle Cute, if you want to watch me plan in real time.




By the way, in case you were wondering about the products that I use for planning here’s a list (with links)

Planner/Binder: Recollections Organize It! binder
Copy Paper: Staples 24lb Bright White Inkjet Paper
Sticker Paper: Avery 15265 Shipping Labels
Washi Tape: Recollections Gold & White Basics
Wide Tip Pen: Uni-Ball Signo 207 (Gel)
Fine Tip Pen: Pentell R.S.V.P. Fine (Ball)

October Planner Walkthrough

Well, we have made it November.

So, tell me, did you enjoy your October?  Do anything fun for Halloween?  I did nothing but sit in the office at school and prepare for class.  Great times, right?

But, as always, I do have my planner to keep me company and I realized that I haven’t shared my month’s spreads with you in a while, since August.  So let me rectify the situation.

A note before I get started, I mentioned in my August Planner Spreads post that my stickers were ill-fitted because my printer and Windows 10 weren’t friends.  And it turns out I had made the inserts the wrong size for the stickers and the error had nothing to do with the printer and everything to do with my own silliness.  Welp, what’s done is done, and I fixed it now so onward, to planning!

I don’t have a layout for the first week in October, because I had just bought my new laptop, my old one won’t come on anymore, who knows why, and I didn’t have the time, or the energy to print and cut inserts and stickers so we’ll skip that.

I did a month worth of Halloween spreads in October, each its own take on the holiday.


The first week I did plan was the second week of October.

Week 41 Creepy Cute Planner Spread

The theme was Creey Cute!  It was inspired by Fairy Kei and street fashion and Halloween, of course.  The colors are black, with lavendar, mint and rose.  In other words, aborable!


The third week of the month was Haunted House themed.  Not because I like haunted houses, I actually detest scary things, but because it’s Halloween and you have to respect that.

Week 42 Haunted House Planner SpreadThis kit is all black (grey?) and red.There’s lots of little scary elements, like the checklists are tombstones and all the backgrounds have cemetaries or creepy houses,  Thats called attention to detail ladies and gentlemen.


Week 4 was my Gathic Glamour spread.Week 43 Gothic Glamour Planner Spread

Basiccally, the theme for this spread was black and white and gothic.

It was the week of Homecoming on campus, so I did incorporate some gold glitter washi tape to deignate important activities, like the Fall Fest courtyard party.

The red pen kind of made me think of dripping blood, (is that morbid?), so I thought it was appropriate.


And the fifth and final full  week of the month was Nightmare Before Christmas.

Week 44 Nightmare Before Christmas Planner Spread

I love Nightmare Before Christmas!  I love Disney in general but, like pretty much all 90s babies I have a partcuar affinity for Nightmare Before Christmas.  It’s two of our favorite hlidays in one.   And it’s cute, with the whole Jack and Sally love story, and scary, like when Oogie Boogie tries to kill Santa.  Baically it’s everything and I was not gonna end the month of October without including it.

So, that is it.  All of my planner spreads for October.  As you already know, all the stickers and the inserts this month were, as always, made by me.

I hope you liked them.  If you are a planner person too, let me know.  I love looking at other people’s planners so share with me.

All right, bye for now.