Winter International Lolita Day 2016

Happy Winter International Lolita Day!

And Day 3 of Blogmas.  I know that I have only posted my Blogmas Announcement and not a post for Day 1 and Day 2 but they are coming, trust me!

And, moving on, to the topic of the day:


For the uninitiated, International Lolita Day is the biannual celebration of Lolita fashion held on the first Saturday of June and December, hence the designation Winter International Lolita Day, as opposed to Summer International Lolita Day.

Funnily enough, International Lolita Day, or ILD, started as an idea by kurololi on livejournal in 2005.  It was initially a brilliant idea to troll mainstream American by having a bunch of Gothic Lolitas meet up in major American cities and generally exist without anyone understanding why.

I had always thought ILD was the brainchild of some brand, probably Angelic Pretty or Baby the Stars Shine Bright to bring exposure to the sub-style, in order to sell more dress.  Or at the very least a thing that the original Japanese Lolitas had been doing that came to the Wet with the fashion.  But honestly, I rather like the ILD origin story, it’s unexpected, like our fashion itself, and meant to be reactionary and trolling, which also mirrors the fashion, which was created as a reaction, and troll, to the culture of Japan that wanted women and girls to be docile, conservative and covered up.  Lolita is that taken to the extreme.

It’s kind of bizzare to think that ILD only began 11 years ago, and not in the form that Ive always known.  I kind of always thought that it was part and parcel with the fashion, but obviously not.  Makes you think though, doesn’t it?

My plan for ILD was to go to the Louisiana Renaissance Festival and spend the day wandering aimlessly in my frills but that fell through for a myriad of reasons that I won’t bore you with.

Instead I spent the morning shopping with my Yin and the afternoon I’ll study for my finals, which started a week from yesterday. Ahhh!

I am bummed that I didn’t even end up dressing in Lolita for ILD.  But I think I’m going to reschedule ILD for another weekend, while I’m home for Christmas break, if I do you’ll hear about it here, on my Instagram, @himeblackonyx.  The plan is to only where Lolita while I’m home for the holiday, expect to church.  So I will get my ILD even if it kills me.

That being said, I’m off, and Merry Blogmas!