I’m back, for real this time!

Hey sweeties, it’s DeeDee, long time no see. How have you been?

As for me, we’re just not gonna talk about the months-long absences I’ve been taking from blogging ok? It’s in the past, let’s leave it there.

The worst part is, it’s not like I have been a hermit, in my apartment, hiding under my blankets, not doing anything. I have had a super fun and active 2017 so far, which never happens, and I just haven’t been sharing it. So I apologize and I promise to do better.


Anyway, this moment of clarity comes while I’m sitting in bed the day after the hardest law school final I had this semester, so basically my brain is fried, and as much as I would adore eating Sour Patch watermelons from my blanket nest and sleeping the day away, I have a to do list.  The bedroom needs cleaning, as to the kitchen, bathroom, craft room and living room, my hair is in desperate need of washing and conditioning and I’m going home for my sister’s graduation next week so my clothes must be sorted before then.

See, so much to do for a tired, little lady such as myself.  However, I will persevere.  Mr. Boyfriend and I recently went half on a Netflix account so I think I’ll turn on some old Forensic Files episodes, slap in some deep conditioner, make tea and get stuff done (what? no judging!).

Since I have been doing this year that I haven’t shared on the blog yet, like balls and conventions and LARPs, I’ll just start posting about those until i can get into some summer mischief.

That’s all for now sweeties,