My Day at LouisiAnime

Hey Sweeties,

Like I said in my last post, I have been getting into all kinds of fun this year that I really have to share with you.  So, I will be recapping the events that I’ve gone to so far this year.

In March, I hosted a panel at LouisiAnime, a small local anime convention in my city.


This is my first time hosting a panel at a convention even though I have been going to conventions for ages.  My panel was “Kawaii in Color” a meetup and conversation about women of color in the kawaii lifestyle.  I hope I can get to host, or just sit on, another panel at another convention soon.

There were a few people at my panel, and the asked questions and were very nice, which I appreciate.


Anyway, about the convention.  This is my second year going to LouisiAnime.  Last year I was nice, though I only went to meet up with my photographer friend Wil Norwod to take pictures of my Lolita coord.

The convention, like I mentioned, is pretty small.  It has moved this year, to a new hotel, but it wasn’t overly large.  The “artists’ alley” is still in the hallway outside of the conference rooms where the panels were held.  There was a separate room for the dealers though.

I only went to the convention on Saturday, because my car was in the shop and I had to take the bus to get there.  That didn’t detract from my enjoyment.

I will say that while I enjoyed this convention it is not in the best location.  There’s no food or amenities within walking distance, the hotel is right off the highway so there is no where to walk.  Little things like that make a difference for me at a convention.  My favorite convention, Phoenix Comicon is in downtown Phoenix, close to almost everything downtown with lots of transit and sidewalks.

Hopefully LouisiAnime can find a good, central location in the future.

Now, let’s get to the makeup and the coordinate.

I wanted to go for larme-kei inspired makeup.  At least, I think it’s larme-kei, with the big puffy pink under eye bags and the dewy skin and neutral eyes.  This isn’t my preferred makeup style, and not even one I’m very familiar with, but I wanted to try something extra kawaii for hosting my panel.

For accessories I went with an over-sized pin bow, because I’m me, made out of a scarf, the carousel choker I bought from Puvithel at Anime Weekend Atlanta last year, a sugar cookie ring from yet another Anime Weekend Atlanta artist, my Icing’s arrow eye cuff and a giant pink stud that I cannot place.  Oh and my bag is a super cute find from Anime Weekend Atlanta as well, but from a dealer so you can probably find it anywhere.

I was most impressed , and surprised, by the dress.  I found this cute little pink (!) dress with a skater skirt and cut out in the back at Walmart for $10 the day before the convention and couldn’t stop myself from buying it.


i’m tempted to get another one to do some alterations on but more likely I’ll use the one I have as a pattern to make some very cute warm weather dresses.

And, that’s all folks.  My LouisiAnime experience.

I’m off now to be productive in the craft room (cleaning not crafting, unfortunately) but I’ll be back soon with more of fun stuff I’ve been up to.