New Orleans Greyhound Station

A Friend’s Day

Hey Sweeties,

Now that I’ve started regaling you with stories I just can’t stop.

The day after LouisiAnime, which I told you all about in my last post, my dear friend and college roommate Jenae came to New Orleans and I went to spend some time with her.

I was nice, reconnecting with old friends.  She and I were roommates 3 of our 4 college years, went to London together for a study abroad and genuinely like each other.  We both went to law school, though she has graduated and moved to New York and taken the bar, and we have very similar life goals (make a lot of money, start a family, rule the world).  Needless to say, I have missed my old partner in crime.

We did some tourist-y things together in New Orleans that I had never done before.





We went to Mulate’s New Orleans.  It calls itself the original Cajun restaurant.  Now, I don’t know about all of that, but what I do know is that it is delicious!

Catfish Mulate'sI had the Catfish Mulate’s which consists of a catfish fillet (which I love) topped with crawfish etoufee (which is delicious) and served with jambalaya, cole slaw and a twice-backed potato.


We spent the night at the Omni Royal Crescent Hotel near the French Quarter.



It’s a really beautiful hotel, well decorated, with wonderfully nice and attentive staff, they brought us water while we waited in the lobby for our room to be prepared, and large, clean, comfortable rooms.  That’s saying something in New Orleans, where I was given a hotel room with a hole in the roof once!

Anyway, I digress.  The nest day we went to Emril Lagasse’s restaurant in New Orleans for the lunch special.  It was as phenomenal as you would expect.  I had pate for the for the first time, which was less cat food than I expected, not something I’ll be ordering daily but certainly not as bad as it could have been.



So the thing with Emril’s lunch menu is that it’s different all the time, you get the same bread options but any time you go the salad, soup, appetizers and entrees are liable to be anything the man comes up with.  That was pretty fun, and it’s a beautiful restaurant in a pretty part of the city.

We also ended up at the outlet mall, The Outlet Collection at Riverwalk.  Trust me it s as pretentious as it sounds.  But it was nice to walk through a mall with girlfriends and gab.




And Riverwalk has a cute outdoor area where you can sit and look at the river and relax.  We spent some time there before I had to head to the Greyhound station and get back home.


So, what can I say?  In the nearly two years that I’ve lived in Louisiana this is the first time I’ve explored New Orleans.  It’s the second time in my life I’ve gone to New Orleans with the intention of wandering the streets, without an event, like Essence Festival or Mecha-Con or going to the airport.  I enjoyed myself, and it’s nice to see parts of the city other than Bourbon Street and the French Quarter.

I will definitely have to make this trip again and do some more exploring.