Barrister’s Ball 2017

Hey Sweeties,

Here’s the next event I’ve gotten into this year: Barrister’s Ball

Barrister’s Ball is like law school prom.  It is when awards are given out, there’s dinner, dancing and dresses.  Everything my little heart desires.Scan

The theme of Barrister’s Ball this year was “Cheers to 70 Years” celebrating 70 years of the Southern University Law Center.

The ultra handsome, super suave, extra delicious Mr. Boyfriend came to be my date for the night.


Doesn’t he look delectable in a tail coat?  MMMMMMMM, yes!

Everyone from law school, faculty, staff and students, all come to the ball.

The new Student Bar Association officers are inducted at the ball.

Look at my study group!  Aren’t they just darling?  It’s Gary, Bri, KiKi and Xavier.  Our friend Robin, who is graduating, also looked lovely.

And then there’s me.

I made the dress I wore to the ball.  I actually had to sew myself into it because I just ran out of time.  I made the whole thing in about a week, from the pattern up.  There’s some things I HAVE to fix, like I didn’t hem the thing, but it was good enough.SULCball-9869

I’ll be back later this week to tell you all about how this dress came together.