A Gown for a Ball

Hey Sweeties,

I promised in my last post to tell all about the making of my Barrister’s Ball dress and here it is.

Like I said in that other post, the dress is still a work in progress, and it was unfinished when I wore it to the ball, but I plan to finish it this summer.


First is the materials.

I bought all of the materials at my local JoAnn’s store, scalloped edged lace and satin.  The fabric is from the Casa Collection which makes several different types of fabric in matching colors to make coordinating project easier.  I bought a peachy-cream color in both fabrics, though it photographs more champagne/white than it looks in reality.


My first step was a create a pattern using muslin.

I tried my hand at draping because I wanted a flowing, soft looking dress.



But that was an epic failure.  Girls on Instagram make this draping thing look way easier than it actually is, do not be deceived!

No, really it’s my fault.  I was ready Gertie’s blog (which I mentioned in my weekly round up post last week) and thought I would try something I’ve never tried before.  But don’t worry, I have a book in my Amazon shopping list that’s all about how to drape.


Anyway, at this point, I turned to my pattern collection and found patterns that were similar to what I want and then spliced them together.

I made a mock up of the lining dress with muslin.

I didn’t mock up the lace over-dress because I didn’t have a comparable fabric that I thought would replicate the way lace drapes.

The dress came together slowly but surely.  I worked on it every night for a little over a week.

When the dress was almost entirely made up I realized I hadn’t made the back wide enough to get over my butt so I had to add a panel in the back to get the darn thing to close.

But in the end, it all came together well.

The dress is sleeveless, now, but I plan to make one lace sleeve.  The other armscye is already finished.  The neck is a little lace standing collar but it doesn’t stay up as well as I would like so I’m going to have to replace it.  The dress has a boning in the lining which I’m going to have to replace because the boning channels are black and shadow through the dress in certain light.  Oh yeah, and I have to hem the darn thing!

But, even with all that, I’m really happy with what I put together at the time.  I will be fixing all the things that I have planned because I want to make it perfect, even f I never wear it again.


So, any questions, suggestions?