That’s What I Like

Hey Sweeties,


I guess, technically, it’s already May now, but I couldn’t resist!  And who could blame me?  It’s iconic.

Anyway, moving right along, let’s get into the weekly round up.  As you know, this list could include TV, movies, fashion, nerd culture, gaming, crafts, beauty, DIY, anything my little heart desires.  And without further ado, here it is:




  • Have you heard about this new Netflix show 13 Reason Why?  It’s causing quite a stir on the internet about the way that it depicts suicide.  I’ve read a few conflicting opinions about it.  One side thinks it’s a frank depiction of the horrors of suicide.  The other side thinks it’s an unhealthy glorification of suicide that can (and will) lead others to attempt it.  What are you’re thoughts?  Have you watched the show?  I haven’t and I don’t intend to, I don’t believe in inviting those types of thoughts into my spirit but the conversation is interesting.


  • Another show I’ve been hearing about and obsessing over is Netflix’s Dear White People.  One article in Rolling Stone asks if Dear White People is the most controversial comedy of 2017, and it’s only May.  And, apparently, the show sparked a Netflix boycott.  The show is based on 2014 satirical film notable for it’s Indiegogo campaign.  I never saw the movie, because I don’t g to many films but it did set the domestic box office record for a crowdfunded movie.  The controversy surrounding the show is that it promotes “anti white discrimination”.  What a crock!  I mean, you should watch the show for yourself and make your own decisions instead of believing what anybody else says, including me.  I’m watching the show, and I came into it with an open mind.  I think if everybody did there wouldn’t be a controversy now but what do I know?

Met Gala worst dressed

  • In case you missed it, Monday night saw all the stars come out for the Met Gala.  The Met Gala is the annual fundraising gala for the Metropolitan Museum of Art benefiting the Costume Institute of the Met.  Every year the guest are expected to dress to fit the theme of the Costume Institute exhibit that is on display that year.  The theme this year is Comme des Garcons/Art of the In-Between by Rei Kawakubo.  The big deal with the Gala is the outfits.  Everybody has their best and worst dressed list like the NY Times, FoxVogue, and Daily Telegraph, so I wanted to share mine.  I’m not a big fan of the more avant garde outfits, like Katy Perry and Rihanna  or the super sexy outfit like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid.  I did really love Blake Lively’s gown, it was pretty amazing with the feathers and the gold link chains.  Miranda Kerr, with the wide skirt hem and the texture and the length, it was all good and her makeup, her styling, I liked all of that.  Katie Holmes looked like an absolute DIVA in her off-the-shoulder structured gown, her necklace was sparkly gorgeous as well. What are you Met Gala picks?Met Gala Zoe and Rita

Guardians of the Galaxy 2

  • Who saw Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2?  I saw it last night with my Yin before I went home for graduation.  Let me just say, no spoilers, IT WAS HEART BREAKING.  But watching it with my roommate really it got me thinking.  We were both driven to tears by this film, which is saying something for a Marvel superhero extravaganza, but what got was the reasons we were so bothered.  For her, it had to do with the character Groot and how the marauders treated him while he was a prisoner.  For me, it was the relationship between Yondu and Star Lord and how that played out in the film.  I was startlingly for me, litening to her after the movie how she could completely divorce herself from that plot line for the other, and how uncomfortable I was listening to her lament Groot while I died inside for Yondu and Star Lord.  But that’s just me.  Check with me later this week and I’ll have a spoiler-filled op-ed on the subject, if you interested.  For now, have you seen Guardian, Vol. 2?  How did you like it?  And what are your thoughts?