Adventures in Finishing Projects …

Hello Sweeties,

I could have called this what it actually is, a recap of my latest knitting project, the first one I have 100% finished in, and I am not exaggerating, 5 years but honestly I’m so unused to finishing the things that I start, like all the way, completely finishing, that I had to memorialize that.

When I say this is the first “100%, all the way, completely” finished project I have done in 5 years, I don’t mean the first usable or wearable thing, I mean the first thing I have walked away from not needing to do any more work on.  If you remember, for example, my Barrister’s Ball gown from a few months ago, I wore it to the ball, it stayed on all night and I got lots of compliments on it, it was great but I know, and you know, that that dress wasn’t hemmed, it was missing the lace sleeve and the back didn’t have a closure.  Sure it was serviceable, even pretty, for the night, but I still have to go back and finish those little things before I can say that it is finished.  The same is true for some, many, most of the things that I make.  It’s a vicious cycle of being excited about starting a project, procrastinating and then binge-working to get it done on time and finally burning out from having to work so hard and so fast so I stop as soon as I am able, and never picking the project back up again.

Not the case with this though.  It might be because this is the first thing that I made for my son, it might be because I didn’t have a deadline and could work at my own pace, it might be because the project was so simple and easy or it might have been because the finishing was so simple, either way I did it!

Gradient Garter Baby Blanket

So, let’s get into the project.

Gradient Garter Baby Blanket

I found the pattern on Ravelry (of course).  It’s the Gradient Garter Baby Blanket by Darlene Dale.  I rate this pattern 5/5.  It is a simple garter stitch pattern, knit every stitch so I would say it is very easy.  If you want a good project for a beginning knitter that wants a tiny challenge (the pattern is knit with two threads of yarn and there is a gradient made by dropping and picking up one of the threads) then this is a good, practical pattern for you.  It knit up so quickly, two weeks from cast on to bind off.  Not bad, if I do say so myself.

Gradient Garter Baby Blanket


The yarn is Bernat Softee Baby in solids.  I used the colors Antique White, Mint, Pale Blue, Soft Lilac and Pink.  I got mine in store at Jo-Ann’s when it was on sale because I prefer to shop in-store.  I like to feel things like fabric and yarn, and I don’t trust product pictures, sorry, not sorry.  I would give this yarn 5/5.  It is very soft and holds up well.  I carry my knitting around with me everywhere when I’m working on a project and this yarn stayed in its skeins and didn’t unravel, like so many other yarns can.  It’s 100% acrylic, which some people don’t like, but that doesn’t bother me because it’s for the baby so it needs to be a little more durable.

Gradient Garter Baby Blanket


What I will say is the pattern calls for WAY more yarn than you need.  I bought to skeins of every color, as the pattern instructs, and I have a half of every skein left.  I could have definitely gotten away with just buying on skein of every color and probably still would have still had some left over.  Don’t worry though, I’ve already started my next baby project using this same yarn.

Gradient Garter Baby Blanket

Speaking of my next project, it’s being knit on US 3 AND US 5 knitting needles.  The blanket was knit on US 13.

Lil Minty Baby Sweater


Do you see the difference that the needles make?  The yarn looks so much fluffier in the blanket (and I know there are 2 strands but still).  Knitting never ceases to amaze me.