2018 Kawaii Project

So, you probably don’t know this, because it has never come up on this blog, but I used to be very kawaii, like very regularly, I would dress up in cute J-fashion and just live my life, but lately I have been slacking on my adorableness.  Part of it is being in law school and spending so much time, and clothes money, on formal, lawyer related things, part of it was being pregnant and it being harder to wear cute clothes while shaped like a beach ball and part of it is from never leaving my house because outside is big and scary and I don’t like it.

Anyway, all that being said, I want to get back to being kawaii a little more often, not just when there’s a comi-con, but in my every day life.

And from that my 2018 Kawaii Project was born.

Now you may be asking “DeeDee, what is you 2018 Kawaii Project?”

To which I would replay “Well sweetie, my 2018 Kawaii Project is a contract with myself to make a kawaii outfit and spend a day doing something while dressed in a kawaii manner every month of 2018.”

But, that got me thinking, if I’m going to make all these kawaii items as part of my 2018 Kawaii Project why don’t I incorporate that into my kawaii sewing business Princess Dee-Licious.

Storenvy Logo

Princess Dee-Licious is an indie Lolita and kawaii brand.  I handmade everything in the shop and offer commissions and special orders.

In January I’ going to be making some necessary kawaii underpinnings, like a petticoat and bloomers, and maybe some kawaii housewear and pajamas.  I’ll let you know.

What have you resolved to do in the new year?  Any 2018 Big Projects for you?

Wish me luck with mine!