Holiday Baking

You might not know this but I am obsessed with the idea of baking, especially now that I have a kid, I want to be one of those Pillsbury moms whose house and clothes and car always smell like fresh baked cookies and the joy of childhood innocence, you know what I mean.

Unfortunately, my apartment’s kitchen is the size of a jail cell bathroom and my kitchen tools are old enough to babysit my son so I don’t really do much actual baking in real life.  Just theoretical baking, mostly on Instagram or Pinterest.  It’s a trap!

But that being said, I do have some holiday baking that I think is just the sweetest, cutest thing ever and I wanted to share the recipes with you here so you can indulge your sweet tooth.

Now, for the holidays require 3 essential baked goods, with a fourth that is optional, but always appreciated.  Those are cookies, pie, bread and the optional cake.  My favorites, and the recipes I will be sharing with you are for snickerdoodle cookies, chocolate mousse and pecan pie, fluffy breakfast biscuits and German chocolate cake.

d1401ec48b96a2da21ec12f715b84714These are called “The Best Snickerdoodles” if that tells you anything and snickerdoodles are the superior cookie, taste, texture and name!



Apparently, somewhere in the world chocolate mousse pie is referred to as French silk pie, I was unaware.  That being said, whatever you call it, it’s probably the best Christmas eve dessert ever invented.


I think pecan pie was created to make people happy, sleepy and full all at the same time.  It’s filling, with the nuts, it’s so sweet with all the brown sugar and such and when you do it right, with ice cream after a really good, big holiday meal, it puts you right to sleep until it’s time to eat again.




Biscuits are central to every holiday dinner table. They’re an edible spoon for anything liquid on your plate.  They’re delicious to eat on their own.  And you can make little sandwiched with your meal while you’re sitting at the table.  A win on all levels.





And cake, now German chocolate cake is my Dad’s favorite cake of all time, bar none.  I’ve never even seen him eat another kind of cake.  Like those yellow or white birthday cakes, he won’t eat them, but there is something about German chocolate with the coconut icing that gets him.  And I always associate that, my father ad his German chocolate cake with the holidays.



So, those are my holiday baking favorites.  What are yours?