2018 Resolutions

As most people do at this tie of year I have been thinking about what kind of person I want to be in the future and what kinds of things I want to do, especially now that I have a little boy and so much of what he will become depends on what he sees from me ad his dad.

EXERCISE five time a week

I feel like that is self-explanatory, I gained a whole person worth of weight and I’m ready to get it off me.  Plus it had been one of my goals last year to get back into running and that obviously had to stop, so I’m ready to get back to it.

CALL home everyday

I’m very close with my family, my siblings and parents, but you wouldn’t know it from how I communicate with them.  But I have to make the effort because I am so far away and they do worry about me and the baby.

EXPLORE my world

I live in one of the most vibrant and culturally diverse states in the US and I know how to get to and from daycare, law school and my aunt’s house.  I want to get out in the world right around me and partake in what it has to offer, at least a little bit more.

BUILD my brand

Once I graduate law school I will be employable as a real adult.  I want to have a brand around myself, not like a Kardashian but more in the sense of a standard of expectation that people associate with my name and my work.

EXPAND my businesses

I have two personal businesses that I run, Creative Blerd Paperie, my stationary shop, and Princess Dee-Licious, my Lolita brand and custom sewing shop.  This past year especially I shelved them both to focus on life but I put more active effort into them in 2018.

CREATE more projects

I love making things and having handmade things but that means I have to make handmade things.  I hoard supplies without actually making the projects and I will rectify that in the new year.

EMPOWER my son to learn and develop

I want my fat boy to epitomize #blackboyjoy so I want to give him every oppurtunity to be happy.  As an infant that means, taking him places, like parks, libraries, gardens and shows so he can expand his mind and be socially and culturally sensitive.

STICK to my schedules

I’m the worst at procrastinating, over-booking, under-caring, but in 2018 I will be on time and on schedule both out of respect for people’s time and to set a good example for my little Squish-man.

What about you, what do you resolve in new year?