Costume College 2020

Hey Sweeties,

It’s always been a dream of mine to go Costume College, for as long as I’ve known about it.

If you’re unaware, Costume College is a weekend long costuming convention held every summer in California.  The theme this year is celebrating the beginning of Women’s Suffrage.  Any way, Costume College has a neat website if you want to check it out for yourself.

There are classes about different aspects of costuming, making, selling, content creating and even publishing.  Costume College has pool party, a social event, a ball ad dinner, and a tea party.  There’s even a Marketplace for buying supplies and a bargain bin for getting things for cheap! Basically, the event caters to all kids of costumers but there seems to be an emphasis on historical costuming specifically.

That works out perfectly for me because I have always had a desire to get into historical costuming.  Lucky me, right?

Anyway, I talked to Mr. and he said that Costume College is something we can do next year.  He’s even willing to travel and stay with me in California so I don’t have to be by myself.

But, if I’m going to Costume College I want to go all the way with it.  I have been watching vlogs of others’ experiences and one thing I have gleaned is I NEED COSTUMES!

My plan is to be a different character everyday of Costume College.  In 2020 the convention is Thursday to Monday but I think Monday is just a travel day so I will have 4 days worth of characters: Storm, from X-Men, Tiana from Princess and the Frog, Harley Quinn from Batman the Animated Series, and a truly historical Gibson girl.  The fun part, I think, is that I’m going to put these character into a time period, except the Gibson girl, she’ll stay in her place in history.

I’m starting with the hardest, and probably the most time consuming projects, my Saturday clothes and ball gown.

Here’s a clue for the who and when of that project:

Clue - Storm



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