Oh, hello there, I’m DeeDee, the nerd that powers this blog.  So glad you could make it.


Here you see me on one of my rare, well put together days.  What? I’m trying to make a good first impression.

And since you found your way here I should forewarn you, I am all over the place, a heaping helping of naturalista comic and gaming nerd, some crafting here, some beauty there, a little law school sprinkled on top and a dash of planner addict for garnish, I have even been known to bake.  What can I say?  I’m just a vintage nut with an overflowing craft room and penchant for high heels.


I love coffee, and tea houses. I love comic conventions and high fashion.  I love the books and the movies.  I love law school and napping.  I love planners and procrastinating.  I love parties and being by myself.  I love short shorts and petticoats.  I guess what I’m saying is, there’s something for everyone around here.


If you stick around here for a while you’re bound to find all kinds of things I’m interested in, like sewing my own clothes, and cosplay costumes, designing stickers for my planner, and my stationary shop, learning how to code, without my boyfriend’s help, trying to adult on high levels, and generally failing miserably.


And, who knows, you may even leave here with a little inspiration and at the very least a laugh.


So, if you have some time, hang around with me for a bit.  You might want to get some coffee or a snack because we could be at this for a while.  Oh, just think of the fun we’ll have.  Or, if you’ve gotta run, bookmark me and come by later.  We can always link up on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube.  I’m all over the Internets these days.


All right intrepid adventurer, go forth and explore.