Recollections Planner Plan with Me

Hey sweeties,

I’m back from vacation and it’s time to start hustling before school starts.  Summer school started last week, and the summer program I work starts next week, so there is no time for lazy.

That means I’m back in my planner, planners.  Yeah, I’m one of those horrible planner girls with multiple planners.  In fact I have three.


I’ve got my bullet journal, my A5 inserts and last year’s Recollections spiral planner.

The A5 inserts I’m using this month are available for free to download here on the blog, over on the Printables page, if you’re interested.  Next month’s will be available for purchase in the shop, Creative Blerd Paperie, in multiple sizes and layouts.

In my Recollections spiral planner I used the Cherry Limeade kit available for FREE download on the Printables page.

The kit has full boxes, half boxes, checklist flags, To Do, Today and Lil Bits headers, page flags, mini icons, circle, time dots, appointment labels, bill dues, and sidebar boxes.

I incorporated Scotch Expressions glitter washi tape, because when the Office Depot near me closed all the washi tape was on sale for like $1.50 and I bought all the colors of glitter washi, 15 rolls!

I might have over done it a little bit, but I was really excited by how well the washi matched the stickers and I couldn’t help myself.

I just pre-plan this early in the week, Saturday night of the week before, and then I plan as I go during the week, which works for me.  But that means Saturday I’ll update the finished layout on Instagram (@himeblackonyx) if you want to see how it changes.

If you use the printables, stickers or inserts, let me know.  Tag me or the shop (@creativeblerdpaperie) in your social media pictures.  I would love to see how others use them.



Home, Sweet Home

Hey Sweeties,


Oh my goose, it is so good to be home.  I have missed it so much, and not just because my Yin and I don’t have TV at our apartment.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello from the arid heat here in Goodyear, Arizona.  Side not, the parents of my girl crush, Gertie Hirsch, also live in Arizona.  That’s not creepy-stalkery though, she has posted about it on her blog before, which I have read, extensively.  That’s not weird right?  Well, it’s not like I’m going in search of them or anything, I just thought it was a cool little coincidence.  Ok, it might be creepy, but whatever.

My sister has graduation this week, Thursday and Friday, which we are all looking forward to, the whole family is coming in!  I’ll let you know all about it, after this weekend, of course.

Until then, I’m going to watch Sports Center and make some tea, sweet freedom.


That’s What I Like

Hey Sweeties,


I guess, technically, it’s already May now, but I couldn’t resist!  And who could blame me?  It’s iconic.

Anyway, moving right along, let’s get into the weekly round up.  As you know, this list could include TV, movies, fashion, nerd culture, gaming, crafts, beauty, DIY, anything my little heart desires.  And without further ado, here it is:




  • Have you heard about this new Netflix show 13 Reason Why?  It’s causing quite a stir on the internet about the way that it depicts suicide.  I’ve read a few conflicting opinions about it.  One side thinks it’s a frank depiction of the horrors of suicide.  The other side thinks it’s an unhealthy glorification of suicide that can (and will) lead others to attempt it.  What are you’re thoughts?  Have you watched the show?  I haven’t and I don’t intend to, I don’t believe in inviting those types of thoughts into my spirit but the conversation is interesting.


  • Another show I’ve been hearing about and obsessing over is Netflix’s Dear White People.  One article in Rolling Stone asks if Dear White People is the most controversial comedy of 2017, and it’s only May.  And, apparently, the show sparked a Netflix boycott.  The show is based on 2014 satirical film notable for it’s Indiegogo campaign.  I never saw the movie, because I don’t g to many films but it did set the domestic box office record for a crowdfunded movie.  The controversy surrounding the show is that it promotes “anti white discrimination”.  What a crock!  I mean, you should watch the show for yourself and make your own decisions instead of believing what anybody else says, including me.  I’m watching the show, and I came into it with an open mind.  I think if everybody did there wouldn’t be a controversy now but what do I know?

Met Gala worst dressed

  • In case you missed it, Monday night saw all the stars come out for the Met Gala.  The Met Gala is the annual fundraising gala for the Metropolitan Museum of Art benefiting the Costume Institute of the Met.  Every year the guest are expected to dress to fit the theme of the Costume Institute exhibit that is on display that year.  The theme this year is Comme des Garcons/Art of the In-Between by Rei Kawakubo.  The big deal with the Gala is the outfits.  Everybody has their best and worst dressed list like the NY Times, FoxVogue, and Daily Telegraph, so I wanted to share mine.  I’m not a big fan of the more avant garde outfits, like Katy Perry and Rihanna  or the super sexy outfit like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid.  I did really love Blake Lively’s gown, it was pretty amazing with the feathers and the gold link chains.  Miranda Kerr, with the wide skirt hem and the texture and the length, it was all good and her makeup, her styling, I liked all of that.  Katie Holmes looked like an absolute DIVA in her off-the-shoulder structured gown, her necklace was sparkly gorgeous as well. What are you Met Gala picks?Met Gala Zoe and Rita

Guardians of the Galaxy 2

  • Who saw Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2?  I saw it last night with my Yin before I went home for graduation.  Let me just say, no spoilers, IT WAS HEART BREAKING.  But watching it with my roommate really it got me thinking.  We were both driven to tears by this film, which is saying something for a Marvel superhero extravaganza, but what got was the reasons we were so bothered.  For her, it had to do with the character Groot and how the marauders treated him while he was a prisoner.  For me, it was the relationship between Yondu and Star Lord and how that played out in the film.  I was startlingly for me, litening to her after the movie how she could completely divorce herself from that plot line for the other, and how uncomfortable I was listening to her lament Groot while I died inside for Yondu and Star Lord.  But that’s just me.  Check with me later this week and I’ll have a spoiler-filled op-ed on the subject, if you interested.  For now, have you seen Guardian, Vol. 2?  How did you like it?  And what are your thoughts?

A Gown for a Ball

Hey Sweeties,

I promised in my last post to tell all about the making of my Barrister’s Ball dress and here it is.

Like I said in that other post, the dress is still a work in progress, and it was unfinished when I wore it to the ball, but I plan to finish it this summer.


First is the materials.

I bought all of the materials at my local JoAnn’s store, scalloped edged lace and satin.  The fabric is from the Casa Collection which makes several different types of fabric in matching colors to make coordinating project easier.  I bought a peachy-cream color in both fabrics, though it photographs more champagne/white than it looks in reality.


My first step was a create a pattern using muslin.

I tried my hand at draping because I wanted a flowing, soft looking dress.



But that was an epic failure.  Girls on Instagram make this draping thing look way easier than it actually is, do not be deceived!

No, really it’s my fault.  I was ready Gertie’s blog (which I mentioned in my weekly round up post last week) and thought I would try something I’ve never tried before.  But don’t worry, I have a book in my Amazon shopping list that’s all about how to drape.


Anyway, at this point, I turned to my pattern collection and found patterns that were similar to what I want and then spliced them together.

I made a mock up of the lining dress with muslin.

I didn’t mock up the lace over-dress because I didn’t have a comparable fabric that I thought would replicate the way lace drapes.

The dress came together slowly but surely.  I worked on it every night for a little over a week.

When the dress was almost entirely made up I realized I hadn’t made the back wide enough to get over my butt so I had to add a panel in the back to get the darn thing to close.

But in the end, it all came together well.

The dress is sleeveless, now, but I plan to make one lace sleeve.  The other armscye is already finished.  The neck is a little lace standing collar but it doesn’t stay up as well as I would like so I’m going to have to replace it.  The dress has a boning in the lining which I’m going to have to replace because the boning channels are black and shadow through the dress in certain light.  Oh yeah, and I have to hem the darn thing!

But, even with all that, I’m really happy with what I put together at the time.  I will be fixing all the things that I have planned because I want to make it perfect, even f I never wear it again.


So, any questions, suggestions?


Barrister’s Ball 2017

Hey Sweeties,

Here’s the next event I’ve gotten into this year: Barrister’s Ball

Barrister’s Ball is like law school prom.  It is when awards are given out, there’s dinner, dancing and dresses.  Everything my little heart desires.Scan

The theme of Barrister’s Ball this year was “Cheers to 70 Years” celebrating 70 years of the Southern University Law Center.

The ultra handsome, super suave, extra delicious Mr. Boyfriend came to be my date for the night.


Doesn’t he look delectable in a tail coat?  MMMMMMMM, yes!

Everyone from law school, faculty, staff and students, all come to the ball.

The new Student Bar Association officers are inducted at the ball.

Look at my study group!  Aren’t they just darling?  It’s Gary, Bri, KiKi and Xavier.  Our friend Robin, who is graduating, also looked lovely.

And then there’s me.

I made the dress I wore to the ball.  I actually had to sew myself into it because I just ran out of time.  I made the whole thing in about a week, from the pattern up.  There’s some things I HAVE to fix, like I didn’t hem the thing, but it was good enough.SULCball-9869

I’ll be back later this week to tell you all about how this dress came together.


New Orleans Greyhound Station

A Friend’s Day

Hey Sweeties,

Now that I’ve started regaling you with stories I just can’t stop.

The day after LouisiAnime, which I told you all about in my last post, my dear friend and college roommate Jenae came to New Orleans and I went to spend some time with her.

I was nice, reconnecting with old friends.  She and I were roommates 3 of our 4 college years, went to London together for a study abroad and genuinely like each other.  We both went to law school, though she has graduated and moved to New York and taken the bar, and we have very similar life goals (make a lot of money, start a family, rule the world).  Needless to say, I have missed my old partner in crime.

We did some tourist-y things together in New Orleans that I had never done before.





We went to Mulate’s New Orleans.  It calls itself the original Cajun restaurant.  Now, I don’t know about all of that, but what I do know is that it is delicious!

Catfish Mulate'sI had the Catfish Mulate’s which consists of a catfish fillet (which I love) topped with crawfish etoufee (which is delicious) and served with jambalaya, cole slaw and a twice-backed potato.


We spent the night at the Omni Royal Crescent Hotel near the French Quarter.



It’s a really beautiful hotel, well decorated, with wonderfully nice and attentive staff, they brought us water while we waited in the lobby for our room to be prepared, and large, clean, comfortable rooms.  That’s saying something in New Orleans, where I was given a hotel room with a hole in the roof once!

Anyway, I digress.  The nest day we went to Emril Lagasse’s restaurant in New Orleans for the lunch special.  It was as phenomenal as you would expect.  I had pate for the for the first time, which was less cat food than I expected, not something I’ll be ordering daily but certainly not as bad as it could have been.



So the thing with Emril’s lunch menu is that it’s different all the time, you get the same bread options but any time you go the salad, soup, appetizers and entrees are liable to be anything the man comes up with.  That was pretty fun, and it’s a beautiful restaurant in a pretty part of the city.

We also ended up at the outlet mall, The Outlet Collection at Riverwalk.  Trust me it s as pretentious as it sounds.  But it was nice to walk through a mall with girlfriends and gab.




And Riverwalk has a cute outdoor area where you can sit and look at the river and relax.  We spent some time there before I had to head to the Greyhound station and get back home.


So, what can I say?  In the nearly two years that I’ve lived in Louisiana this is the first time I’ve explored New Orleans.  It’s the second time in my life I’ve gone to New Orleans with the intention of wandering the streets, without an event, like Essence Festival or Mecha-Con or going to the airport.  I enjoyed myself, and it’s nice to see parts of the city other than Bourbon Street and the French Quarter.

I will definitely have to make this trip again and do some more exploring.




I’m Going Home

Hey Sweeties,

Oh my gooseness, it feels like I’ve been in law school for an eternity, I’m so ready for it to be over.  Luckily, I have my last exam of the semester tomorrow and Tuesday I will be back home in Arizona with the family.  Ahh, sweet relief.

My younger sister is graduating from UofA next weekend so I am even more pumped to be going home but before I got out of town I had a few things to handle in my own apartment.

For example, this was my craft room two weeks ago.

Forgive the low quality pictures.  They were taken pretty late at night.


Yeah, I know, I’m a terrible person.  I don’t know how it got that bad.  Ok, actually I do but what can I say, I love stuff.  I have fabric that I have been collecting (hoarding!) since the beginning of time (2003 when I started sewing),  not to mention the new stuff I add bi-weekly (every time I get paid).  Needless to say it was a problem.


I really couldn’t leave it like this because that would mean it would be the exact same when I get back in June, so I put on my house dress, pulled out the broom and got to work.

I’m proud of what I was able to do.


At least it’s clean now.

I made a list of all of the projects I have started but not finished, I’ve bought the materials for but haven’t started, I haven’t bought materials for but plan to make, and the things that I want to do to improve the craft room.


The next step is investing in organization.  I need shelves and containers.

I also want to do some functional decorating, a white board and cork board definitely and maybe a peg board as well.

And the table, I want to rebuild it, and buy a better (taller) chair.


For now though, I’m just gonna take the progress where I can.  I’m sure my Yin is grateful she can walk in the craft room now (since it is supposed to be shared space).

I might see if this cleaning bug can be moved upstairs to my bedroom and bathroom, I doubt it, but it doesn’t hurt to try.


That’s What I Like

Hey Sweeties,

Don’t you just love that Bruno Mars .gif?  It’s from his song That’s What I Like which I am LOVING right now!

Anyway, let’s not get distracted by the dance track, we’re here for a reason.

I want to create a new feature around here, a weekly round up of the stuff I like, well not just what I like, just the things that I can’t help but share.  Honestly, this list could include TV, movies, fashion, nerd culture, gaming, crafts, beauty, DIY, anything my little heart desires.  So, here it is:

Weekly Round Up April 23, 2017





  • I don’t know how many of y’all are watching the new CW series Riverdale but everyone who isn’t should be!  I remember briefly hearing about the then-upcoming Archie Comics re-imagining and being intrigued, but not enough to actually watch.  Well, I missed out.  I’ve caught up now, thanks to the episodes on the CW website and some creative searching so I can definitely recommend the dark, teen drama.  It’s got teen angst, love stories, a motorcycle gang, family feuds, a murder mystery and at the heart of it all, maple syrup!  Tune in to the CW Thursdays at 9/8c and make sure to catch all the old past episodes online.


  • Speaking of Riverdale, because I’ve been obsessing over it so much lately I’ve been reading all kinds of episode reviews online.  It struck me, in my obsessive scramble to absorb as much information about the show as humanly possible, that online commentators have radically differing opinions on the how. Over at the AV Club we’re loving Archie’s merry band of misfits but the BlackGirlNerds are not here for our love-fest.  It amazes me how diametrically opposed people can be be.  Though the recent episode reviews have been trending positive on both site. (Reader beware, there be spoilers ahead!)


  • BlackGirlNerds also posted a pretty poignant article about black representation in the film, specifically the recently released X-Men film Logan.  I’m not gonna spoil the article but if you read it, come back here and tell me what you think, or tweet me your thoughts @deedeecreative.


  • My inner (is she really inner) planner addict was writhing with jealousy over the weekend watching Go Wild unfold on Instagram.  All the swag, all the speakers, all the stickers.  They got new 2018 Erin Condren planners, FoxyFixes, bullet journals, and SO MANY STICKERS!  My little heart cannot handle it.  As much as I want to be there next year it’s right in the middle of finals and I cannot justify it.  But in two years, it’s on!  Check out #gowild2017 on Facebook and Instagram to see what I mean.


  • And, for those you who love to binge-read a blog, something I am notorious for.  I just got through Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing.  I’ve been a fan of Gretchen “Gertie” Hirsch for years, and probably started following her blog back in 2011 or 2012 because of a tutorial I found there.  Recently though, I just wanted to watch her whole evolution and it’s so cool to watch her go from newbie home sewer, figuring it out as she goes along, to the accomplished sewing book author and sewing expert she is now.  Very inspiring seeing as she did it in like 3 years.  That’s amazing!  I have all three of her sewing books in my Amazon cart right now, just waiting fr me to get enough money to pull the trigger.  You should check her out if you’re into sewing, or just love women with cats who craft.

My Day at LouisiAnime

Hey Sweeties,

Like I said in my last post, I have been getting into all kinds of fun this year that I really have to share with you.  So, I will be recapping the events that I’ve gone to so far this year.

In March, I hosted a panel at LouisiAnime, a small local anime convention in my city.


This is my first time hosting a panel at a convention even though I have been going to conventions for ages.  My panel was “Kawaii in Color” a meetup and conversation about women of color in the kawaii lifestyle.  I hope I can get to host, or just sit on, another panel at another convention soon.

There were a few people at my panel, and the asked questions and were very nice, which I appreciate.


Anyway, about the convention.  This is my second year going to LouisiAnime.  Last year I was nice, though I only went to meet up with my photographer friend Wil Norwod to take pictures of my Lolita coord.

The convention, like I mentioned, is pretty small.  It has moved this year, to a new hotel, but it wasn’t overly large.  The “artists’ alley” is still in the hallway outside of the conference rooms where the panels were held.  There was a separate room for the dealers though.

I only went to the convention on Saturday, because my car was in the shop and I had to take the bus to get there.  That didn’t detract from my enjoyment.

I will say that while I enjoyed this convention it is not in the best location.  There’s no food or amenities within walking distance, the hotel is right off the highway so there is no where to walk.  Little things like that make a difference for me at a convention.  My favorite convention, Phoenix Comicon is in downtown Phoenix, close to almost everything downtown with lots of transit and sidewalks.

Hopefully LouisiAnime can find a good, central location in the future.

Now, let’s get to the makeup and the coordinate.

I wanted to go for larme-kei inspired makeup.  At least, I think it’s larme-kei, with the big puffy pink under eye bags and the dewy skin and neutral eyes.  This isn’t my preferred makeup style, and not even one I’m very familiar with, but I wanted to try something extra kawaii for hosting my panel.

For accessories I went with an over-sized pin bow, because I’m me, made out of a scarf, the carousel choker I bought from Puvithel at Anime Weekend Atlanta last year, a sugar cookie ring from yet another Anime Weekend Atlanta artist, my Icing’s arrow eye cuff and a giant pink stud that I cannot place.  Oh and my bag is a super cute find from Anime Weekend Atlanta as well, but from a dealer so you can probably find it anywhere.

I was most impressed , and surprised, by the dress.  I found this cute little pink (!) dress with a skater skirt and cut out in the back at Walmart for $10 the day before the convention and couldn’t stop myself from buying it.


i’m tempted to get another one to do some alterations on but more likely I’ll use the one I have as a pattern to make some very cute warm weather dresses.

And, that’s all folks.  My LouisiAnime experience.

I’m off now to be productive in the craft room (cleaning not crafting, unfortunately) but I’ll be back soon with more of fun stuff I’ve been up to.


I’m back, for real this time!

Hey sweeties, it’s DeeDee, long time no see. How have you been?

As for me, we’re just not gonna talk about the months-long absences I’ve been taking from blogging ok? It’s in the past, let’s leave it there.

The worst part is, it’s not like I have been a hermit, in my apartment, hiding under my blankets, not doing anything. I have had a super fun and active 2017 so far, which never happens, and I just haven’t been sharing it. So I apologize and I promise to do better.


Anyway, this moment of clarity comes while I’m sitting in bed the day after the hardest law school final I had this semester, so basically my brain is fried, and as much as I would adore eating Sour Patch watermelons from my blanket nest and sleeping the day away, I have a to do list.  The bedroom needs cleaning, as to the kitchen, bathroom, craft room and living room, my hair is in desperate need of washing and conditioning and I’m going home for my sister’s graduation next week so my clothes must be sorted before then.

See, so much to do for a tired, little lady such as myself.  However, I will persevere.  Mr. Boyfriend and I recently went half on a Netflix account so I think I’ll turn on some old Forensic Files episodes, slap in some deep conditioner, make tea and get stuff done (what? no judging!).

Since I have been doing this year that I haven’t shared on the blog yet, like balls and conventions and LARPs, I’ll just start posting about those until i can get into some summer mischief.

That’s all for now sweeties,